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Recent Projects

Portfolio Spotlight: Miles Pfefferle

For a curated look at my website performance, analytics, and data-insight-driven development work.

Art & Alma's Century Inn

A beautiful, historic steakhouse with incredible atmosphere, chops, service, and decor in desperate need of a website rebuild. Definitely one of my more fun projects of 2017!

Saybrook University

(rebuild) Saybrook was perhaps the most massive undertaking to date for myself in terms of digital projects, but I lead a knowledgable and capable team and we stuck to our plan. Some of the many challenges included staying true to Saybrook's unique brand, taming its complicated site architecture (5000 pages when we started the project), and migrating from Drupal to Worpdress. Amazingly (though not surprising to me), we succeeded, met our launch date, and were well under budget.

FLOW: For Love of Water


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

(content migration) TCSPP was a challenging project in that I didn't build the site framework, but was responsible for taking it the final 50 yards. Migrating page contents, building the colossal site architecture, filling in all creative, putting over a thousand 301 redirects in place, and all the necessary elements that make the site ready for the public.

TCS Education System

(redesign) TCSES was in dire need of a new website, plagued with an outdated CMS and an outdated design that did a poor job of representing who they are.

Dallas Nursing Institute

(redesign) Having recently achieved non-profit status, DNI's website still had a very for-profit, career training institute feel to it. With only a few weeks to turn it around before the partnership with TCS Education System was complete, I gave their site template a bit of a refresh. Here's what it looked like before.

Disc Golf Anywhere, LLC

(new site) Nothing like it has ever been seen before. The remote control disc golf basket by Disc Golf Anywhere is truly the first of its kind. I was truly envigorated to be a part of this project and provide an avenue for DGA's online sales. Where a permanent course could cost over $10k to install, this exciting new product for beginners and professionals allows disc golf to be played anywhere.

Dr. Joshua Moon Johnson

(new site) I developed a personal website for Dr. Joshua Moon Johnson, whose new book brings to life an on-going controversy and deep personal struggle for many as he delves into same-sex relationships and Christianity.

Obtura Spartan Endodontics

I helped develop the e-commerce store for Obtura Spartan Endodontics, an oral surgery equipment company. I also perform frequent maintantence and upgrades aimed at better customer engagement.


I helped develop and maintain the e-commerce store and adwords campaigns for PlakSmacker.com, a discount dental supply company.

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Alternative Spring Break

Promotional video for NIU Alternative Spring Break, a program that sends student volunteer groups all over the US during Spring Break for direct community service.

Work performed: Editing, Directing, Camera Operating, Still photography, Paint removal, 2nd & 3rd story exterior painting, Scaffolding assembly, Team chaperoning & advisement

Victor E. & Me

Victor E. & Me started as an idea I had for a parody of an online dating commercial featuring the NIU mascot and a student. I archived the idea until I was placed on a committee charged with the broad idea of promoting the non-academic services of the university. I mentioned the idea as a joke, but my team and I quickly realized the idea lent itself to the very real parallel between dating and getting involved on a college campus. Victor E. & Me was born. 2010-2011.

Work performed: Directing, screenwriting, casting.